For those wanting to know about the 4 peices of Coloseum gear, they are possible rewards from the new factions.

There are 4 new faction leves, found under a new section "Special Assignment - Assisting the Adventurer's Guild". You have to do them in order as only completion of the faction will result in the next one unlocking.

#1 - Operation: Crosseye (100 pts - Brotherhood Broken Blade)
#2 - Intel Inside (100 pts - Horn and Hand)
#3 - Wanted: the Maskmaker (100 pts Azeyma's Sheild)
#4 - Wanted: Vengance (400 pts Azeyma's Sheild)

The leves may give other items as leve rewards, but the coloseum gear only comes form a chest at the end, so be sure you don't go back to the NPC without opening. Also, note that it may take 5 seconds for the chest to appear, and it may not be at the mob death location, but off to the side. Check throughrouly in the area. The chest should be visible to all players and it works just like the chests for the other faction NMs. The quest starter and anyone who leve-links has the chance of getting gear from the chest. Opening without the leve will probably result in a minor item drop like potions or crystals (need confirmation). Each item is obtainable from one leve;

#1 - Coliseum Subligar
#2 - Coliseum Loincloth
#3 - Coliseum Galerus
#4 - Coliseum Shawl

However, other items can drop from the chests like Dodoskin Subligar and Boarskin Harness. I managed to go 3/4 drops, but other LS members only got 1 or 2.

Also note, the the peices are meldable and tradeable. And on Miqote, they somewhat resemble underwear. If you missed out on the swimwear, get the mage pieces. It is the same item inblack with a cape and skirt. Very trashy. Click here for a shot (NOT my char, btw, I have taste)


In regards to the leves, they were actually rather fun. Leves 1 and 4 are for party, but 2 and 3 are solo only.

#1 - You go to Iron Lake and kill 2 Cyclopses, a full or large party is reccomended. However they are both on the fartherest sides possible from the camp. After you kill one, return to camp and ride to the other. They aren't too hard to kill, but travel consumes a lot of the leve time, so burn them down fast and get your chest.

Edit: For those who aren't familiar with the Coincounter sub-boss in Aurum Vale, here is a quick rundown. The fastest strategy is (yes I know....) BLM burn for ranged DD, but as these mobs are weaker than their AV counter part mellee DD can be at close range and not be a liability so long as they can avoid damage. There are 2 strengths of attacks, 10-ton and 100-ton. 10 ton is weak, but 100 ton is something to be dodged if you are mellee. There are also 2 types of physical attacks, a "Swipe" which is a frontal cone and a "Swing" which is a 360 circle. His last attack is called "Eye of the Beholder" which is a 360 ranged donut. The sweet spot to aim for is around 8-12 yalms away for ranged DD and healers. This will put you outside the Swing and inside the Eye paths (as a Bard, I used my WS to learn how to get an eye for positioning. I would Heavy Shot and then inch forward until I could use Quick Nock. Quick Nock marks the 8-yalm range so 2 steps or so back form there is good). At random stages, the mob will use a skill called Animal Instinct, which is a hate reset. As soon as you see it proc, stop attacking except for the tank. If the agro moves to another character he may move and thus change the location of the sweet spot.

#2 - This leve you have to head south of Bald Knoll and then you have to go to Umbra Isles. Though, it is a solo mission, I reccomend doing it in a group (safety in numbers lol). You have to take the cave entrance at (5,19) and follow the path south. When you hit the first crabs, dismount and walk so you dont agro. When you get to the next tunnel there will be jellies and crabs. Remain mounted and run trhough with a tank at the front. You should be able to get to the end, then climb the rise to talk to the NPC and get your chest

#3 - A solo battle leve. Go to Woad Whisper Canyon and head south east. You will have to go into a cave where there is a target mob and the NPC w'melgo. She is a PLD of sorts and will assist you in the battle with damage and healing (she has Cure IV lol, but fairly decent AI, unlike your companion). Thoughout the battle waves of 3 wolves will spawn and attack her. She will die quickly if you dont grab agro. Best classes are WAR, DRG or MNK. BLM can do it, but you may have MP issues. Kill the target to complete and get chest.

#4 - Full party recommended. Travel south of bearded rock and defeat 2 Mecha. If you have farmed in Castrum it isn't that hard. Own them and get your chest.